Exit Outdoor Acrylic LED Sign Letters 3D Light Letter Signs

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Basic Info.

Product Name
LED Letters Signage LED Business Sign
Stainless Steel and Acrylic
Light Source
High Brightness LED Light
The Light Color
According to Customer Requirements
Working Temperature
Screw Installation
Working Lifetime
500000 Hours
Production Time
DHL/Federx/Shipping/Air Freight
The Environment
Advertising 3D LED Channel Letter
Product Related Certification
UL RoHS CE Certification for LED Modules/Adapters
Custom Designs
Transport Package
Wood Box/Carton Box
HS Code
Production Capacity

Packaging & Delivery

Package Size
40.00cm * 20.00cm * 4.00cm
Package Gross Weight

Product Description

Exit Outdoor Acrylic LED Sign Letters 3D Light Letter Signs Exit Outdoor Acrylic LED Sign Letters 3D Light Letter Signs Exit Outdoor Acrylic LED Sign Letters 3D Light Letter Signs Exit Outdoor Acrylic LED Sign Letters 3D Light Letter Signs Exit Outdoor Acrylic LED Sign Letters 3D Light Letter Signs Exit Outdoor Acrylic LED Sign Letters 3D Light Letter Signs Exit Outdoor Acrylic LED Sign Letters 3D Light Letter Signs
Brand Name Vintage Sign
Product Name LED Channel Letter Sign
Material Top :Acrylic/ Stainless Steel (Accept painting for custom color )
  Bottom: Acrylic/ PVC/Stainless Steel
Size and Shape Customized design
Processing Laser cutting, Polishing, Painting &Assembly
Color Any Pantone Color
Transformer Output:12V
  Input: 110V-240V
Warranty 24 months
Production Usually 5-7 working days, according to quantity.
Payment 50% deposit before production, 50% balance before shipping; T/T, Western Union,Paypal, Trade Assurance,Global Pay,STS.
Package Single letter covered with protective foam, bubble wrap, wooden case with metal tube
Shipment By express ( DHL , FedEx) 3-5days
  By sea: 20-30days

Q:Where are you located?
A:We are signage manufacturers in China.  About 200 employees and more than 30 advanced machines in 5000sqm factory.

Q:What's the trading process?
A:Quotation: You can contact us online or send request to our email.
Tell us to start: We will confirm your delivery info with you, then send the invoice file to you.
Production: Base our payment term, we will begin the production when our finance team confirm that we had received your payment.
Final signage confirm: We will send you the final signage images, when we finish your signage and the 24 hours keep lighting test for LED illuminated signage.

Shipping: After getting your signage confirmation and our finance team confirm we had received the full payment, we will send out the signage and give you the waybill number, so that you can track the package.
Warranty: Please check our warranty policy

Q:How long can I receive my sign?
A:Depending on the number and weight of the signs, in general, if you choose DHL or Fedex, under normal circumstances, you should receive your signs in 10-20 working days (include the produce time and the delivery time).

Q:What certificates do you have?

Q:What size should my business signs be? Do you have standard sizes?
A:Our signage products are all customized, so we don't have any standard size.

Mostly we refer to size of a business signs as the "total width", which would be call as "overall length" too, such as 1000mm width, 6 feet long, etc. We will scale the height based on that, proportional to your business signs design file

It is also a matter of personal preference. Some clients want the signage to be larger and more prominent. Others want it smaller, and more subtle.

Base our experience, the golden ratio(0.618) can help you have a very good business signage. For example, if your wall is 1000m wide, a 620mm wide signage be placed at the center of the wall would look amazing.

Q:Do you send free samples?
A:Sorry, we don't support free samples anymore. If you do need some sample signage, we can produce it for you as a normal signage order. You would be ask to pay for the production cost and the delivery cost. The lead time for a sample signage would be about 5 days to 15 days, depend on the detail.

Q:How can I get a free quotation?
A:Our signage products are all customized, different detail would cause different cost. If you have the vector format design file which you can get it from your designer, please send it to me.

If you can not find your designer and only have the bitmap file, such as a gif, jpg or png file, we can re-design the vector file base the file you have, but it would have some difference with your current file.

If you just have an idea, we need you give us:

The content of your business signs.
Which fonts you want to use. We need to know the fonts name, which we can download the fonts file base the fonts name, if it is not a free fonts, please order it at first then send the fonts file to us.
The signage option you need. You can find our mainly signage products on
The overall size of the signage or the place you would install the signage
Some photo of the place you would install the signage could make us know the surrounding better.

Q:When I can have your price?
A:We are very proud to provide you with a timely and professional customize signs service. Under normal circumstances you will receive our sales reply within one business day. If it is a big signage case, such like have dozens of different signage item, it might need 2~3 business days or even longer, but we will try our best to give you the price soon.


Q:What format should I send my signage files in?
A:We need your logo file in a clean, outlined vector ai, eps, cdr or pdf format for production.  You can get the file from original designer or your marketing department. 

If you only have the bitmap file, such as a gif, jpg or png file, we can re-design the vector file base the file you have, but it would have some difference with your current file.

Q:Do you need photos of the place where the signage will be installed?
A:Yes, we do suggest you giving us the photo, so that we can know the space and surrounding better. Then we can suggest the size of your signage, suggest the signage option. Finally, it helps us judge the best solutions for installation.

Q:I have found a lower price for the same product. Will you match it?
A:Well, you always can find a supplier with lower price, but mostly when you pay cheap then you will get the cheap. We are not the best choice if you only want to find a lower price, but we are the best signage supplier with good quality, good service with reasonable price. Our signage products worth every penny you pay.

You only can realize the difference when you the cheap and nasty signage products in your hand, sometimes even after a terrible experience, then it would be too late, you waste the money and time already. However, we have built our reputation on quality and will keep it that way.

That being said, if you do have a lower price, we would be happy to evaluate it for you. We will see if it is possible to match while maintaining our quality and durability standards, or we will tell you if we feel that something on the quote does not seem likely to live up to what you are expecting.

Q:Where do you manufacture your signage?
A:We do most of our production, fabrication and assembly at our factory in Shenzhen, China. Some aspects of production are done at other plants and partners we work with, and then brought to our workshop for finishing and assembly.

Q:Can I change the signage order during the production?
A:We don't suggest doing that, it will mess our production schedule. If you do need to update your signage order, you would to asked to pay the labor cost and raw material cost, then the production time would be re-statistic.

Q:How do you package signage products?

A:After cleaning the signage products, we will use the EPE (Expandable Polyethylene) to package the signage one by one, then cover with bubble film, a label sticker would be add on the bubble film, so that you can see which individual part is in the bubble package.

Finally we will place all the signage parts with the accessories, drawing and diagram in to the plywood box.

Q:How do your products ship?
A:Default to DHL or Fedex for shipping, usually it takes about 5 days to be delivered to your door. Also could use air freight or sea freight.

Q:Can you make sure I can get my signs on time?
A:We can only say that we can complete the production as per quoted schedule, and generally will complete ahead of schedule; but as you will receive it on time, need cooperation from the logistics companies; we can't take responsibility if delay caused by the logistics companies.

Q:Can you make sure I get my signs without damage?
A:We handle the packaging very carefully, and for the single letter sign with 3 layers of packaging, from the inside to the outside followed by wax paper, EPE foam and a bubble film. Then the package is placed in a wooden box lined with foam. Under normal circumstances it will not cause damage in transit. And the signs will be covered by insurance, if you received a damaged package, please open it in front of deliveryman, if there are identified damages, please contact us immediately and we will contact the insurance company for compensation, and we will re-produce the signs and free delivery to you.

Q:What's the volumetric weight?
A:The cost of a shipment can be affected by the amount of space that it occupies on an aircraft, rather than the actual weight. This is the volumetric (or dimensional) weight. The volumetric weight of a shipment is a calculation that reflects the density of a package. A less dense item generally occupies more volume of space, in comparison to its actual weight. The volumetric or dimensional weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment to ascertain which is greater; the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost.

For example, when you choosing to use the DHL, then

Volumetric Weight = Length x Width x Height / Volumetric Divisor*
* Standard Volumetric Divisor is 5000 for the weight in KG and dimensions in CM or 139 for weights in lbs and dimensions in inches.

So for a big signage, sometimes the DHL door to door delivery cost even would higher than the production cost.

Q:Why the delivery company ask me to pay duties?
A:In fact the duties is charged by your local customs. Although you clear the production cost and the delivery cost, the goods are still subject to an import procedure to clear the shipment through customs.

Clearance depends on:

The country of origin
The value including transport charges
The quantity of goods
Each country has its own customs laws and the duties for different types of goods and values are set locally. All the international transportation company, must adhere to local customs legislation and so such like DHL pays duties on the receiver's behalf to clear shipments on arrival.

If you need to know much more about the import duties much more, please contact with your local customs.

Q:Do you offer installation services?
A:Very sorry, we are signage manufacturers in China. So we can not offer the installation services out of China.

But we have some business partner out of China, who can install the signage for you, if you need their installation services, we will give you the contact info.

Q:Can I install my business signs by myself?
A:A good installation can make the signage have a good final effect. Though we suggest you hiring some person who have enough experience to install the signage for you, you can install the signage by yourself too.

With the signage we will give you:

Accessories: Such like stud bolts, nuts, washers and spacers, which would be used for the installation.
AC transformer: Can use 110v~240v AC, to give the LED lighting 12V DC.
1:1 layout template: A full size, pre-spaced, paper print of your signage with marked all holes position for studs bolts and cable.
Installation diagram: To show you how to install the signage.
Wring diagram: If your signage is LED signage, we will give you the wiring diagram to show you how to install the signage.

Q:Do you have some option so that I can install the signage by myself quickly?
A:We can install all the signage on a backing-panel or a backing box, so that you need not to install the signage part one by one, just need to fix the backing panel or backing box. If your signage is LED illuminated signage, we will link all the cables too, so that you just need to insert the plug into socket, but you need to tell us the length of the cables you needed at first.

But it will cause the production cost higher, also cause the delivery cost higher, since the package would be much bigger than only have the individual signage.

Q:How about your warranty policy?
A:We provide one year free replacement to non-human damaged signs. We will produce and ship to customers for free. We also provide 2 to 5 years replacement of non-human damage with service charges.

Q:How do I clean and maintain my exterior signage?
A:Most exterior letters, signs and plaques will require some maintenance to retain their original luster and shine. We recommend that you clean all plastic and metal letters with a good dishwashing soap and water, using a very very light brush like a soft toothbrush or even a towel. This will remove any dirt and pollutants gathered from the environment. Please do not use any harsh or other chemicals, as we can not guarantee the affect it will have on letter finishes. If the face of a metal letter gets scratched, the polyurethane coating can be refinished using a high quality car wax.

Q:What is your return policy?
A:All of our sign letters and architectural logos are custom-made to order. Therefore, we cannot accept returns on any product, unless it is defective, in which case we will definitely correct the situation immediately.

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