Original Fgh60n60ufdtu 20n60 40n60 40n65 60n60 60n65 IGBT 600V 120A 298W Transistor

Get high-quality Original Fgh60n60ufdtu IGBT 600V Transistor at our factory. 120A 298W performance for reliable power control. Order now!
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Cooling Method
Encapsulation Structure
Chip Transistor
Transport Package

Packaging & Delivery

Package Size
1.00cm * 1.00cm * 1.00cm
Package Gross Weight

Product Description

HLJ Original Fgh60n60ufdtu 20n60 40n60 40n65 60n60 60n65 IGBT 600V 120A 298W DIP Transistor 
Discrete Semiconductor Products
Single IGBTs
Product Status
Field Stop
Voltage - Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max)
600 V
Current - Collector (Ic) (Max)
120 A
Current - Collector Pulsed (Icm)
180 A
Vce(on) (Max) @ Vge, Ic
2.4V @ 15V, 60A
Power - Max
298 W
Switching Energy
1.81mJ (on), 810µJ (off)
Input Type
Gate Charge
188 nC
Td (on/off) @ 25°C
Test Condition
400V, 60A, 5Ohm, 15V
Reverse Recovery Time (trr)
47 ns
Operating Temperature
-55°C ~ 150°C (TJ)
Mounting Type
Through Hole
Package / Case
Supplier Device Package
Base Product Number
Original Fgh60n60ufdtu 20n60 40n60 40n65 60n60 60n65 IGBT 600V 120A 298W Transistor Original Fgh60n60ufdtu 20n60 40n60 40n65 60n60 60n65 IGBT 600V 120A 298W Transistor Original Fgh60n60ufdtu 20n60 40n60 40n65 60n60 60n65 IGBT 600V 120A 298W Transistor Original Fgh60n60ufdtu 20n60 40n60 40n65 60n60 60n65 IGBT 600V 120A 298W Transistor


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Absolutely. We operate our own advanced facilities specializing in diodes and transistors and partner with top-tier suppliers and factories globally. This enables us to deliver a comprehensive suite of services, including full BOM management and a portfolio of top-quality electronic components.

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Our PCB/PCBA offerings are versatile, serving an array of critical industries such as medical device technology, automotive electronics, sustainable energy solutions, industrial measurement tools, consumer electronic goods, and integrated circuit (IC) production.

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We uphold stringent quality standards by ensuring process transparency, allowing for client inspections, and facilitating close monitoring of our production activities directly at our facilities, thereby guaranteeing that the highest quality is maintained throughout every stage of production.

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To safeguard your intellectual property, we are prepared to enter into non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that are enforceable under the laws local to our clients. This commitment provides a strong layer of security, ensuring that your designs and data remain confidential and well-protected against third-party access.

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For a detailed PCB quotation, please submit your Gerber files/data alongside any specific technical requirements or requests. For PCBA quotations, we require the Gerber files/data, a comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM), and any applicable test procedures or instructions if you require functional testing.

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Our delivery terms are tailored to meet client needs and can include EXW (Ex Works), FCA (Free Carrier), FOB (Free on Board), and DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid), depending on the specifics of the quote provided.

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Our internal engineering team is committed to a quick response, generally providing evaluations and confirmations for PCB quotes within 12 to 48 hours from the receipt of all necessary documentation.

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